Real Mentoring in MLM

“I want this so bad!”  How many times have we heard this from potential leads who are excited about their new opportunity. “Ill do anything…whatever it takes to make it in this business”! Ok, then…what is it that you are really saying? Are you saying I will sleep, eat, drink this business until I succeed? Are you saying I will BECOME my business? Are you really willing to do what it takes to be a top figure earner or are you just blowing smoke back up your own tailpipe? The reason or reasons I should say why people don’t succeed in MLM is because (1) they didn’t get the proper training (2)the excitement of owning your own biz died a week or two later so you gave up(3) or maybe simply you didn’t have the drive to continue on, the “sticktoitness” to see your vision through. It is in all of us to be as successful as we want to be yet that wall we build to block our vision makes us frustrated with no results or frustrated with things not happening as fast as it did for someone else.

At this crucial point in time, in my opinion, is when you need to dig deep and find that warrior, that leader that says I will see this through ’till the end because I have everything I need to win! In todays world of network marketing, the top earners are leveraging the internet as a major tool to rake in the big bucks. Sites like magnetic sponsoring, mlmleadsystempro and aweber are helping distributors earn hunreds of thousands of dollars a month.

Your upline should take the time out, if they are a true leader, and inform and teach you about today’s MLM. Trust me, they know but for whatever reason they don’t want to give you their “secret” for you to succeed in this business.  A real mentor will say to you, “you need to go and check this site out and if you have any questions call me, I am here for you 24/7”. Yet as a business owner, an entreprenuer , you need to do your own research and become a student of the game and eventually you will become a leader in your own right. We all want confidence and knowledge and control of our lives. All of us need to dig deep into our primal urges and use that as a tool to drive us where we want to be in this life. The fastest way to get rich in life is to solve other people’s problems. If you have a downline in this business teach them everything you know. Give them a solution to their problems and they will always see you as a leader…someone who truly cares about their success and that is something money can’t buy.


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