My Belief In MLM

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time out to read my blog. This is my first one so I am really excited.  I just wanted to share my thoughts on MLM or Multi-Level Marketing or known to most as Network Marketing. I have been involved in this type or business off and on since the early nineties. My first foray into MLM wasn’t great at all.  I never made any money in it because to be honest, I didn’t put forth the effort and time because I was a college student and I was looking for a quick payday and thought I could get that by little or no effort at all. That was an accident waiting to happen.

After that failure, I said this is for the birds and never gave it a second thought until I met someone a few years later who introduced me to a new opportunity. I had no idea how to make it work because of my first failure and failed misreably my first year. I went everywhere trying to drum up leads…you name it I was there. I traveled to the mall, hung out after a movie trying to speak with people, went to barber shops, I put flyers promoting my business on cars, houses, mail boxes  and of course I did the dreaded cold calling with family and friends. Everyone hated to see me coming and I felt the same way.

Thank the Lord I finally met someone who gave me the proper training I was sorely missing and from there I went on to be pretty successful using cold marketing strategies and yet not by picking up the phone…not once. I am using an online approach to explode my business and I studied the numbers and used marketing tools that can easily be duplicated by my organization. We all want freedom, right?  More time with our family and friends and travel to places we always wanted to go.

I truly believe MLM is the best way to achieve that financial dream so you can have the time and freedom to do whatever it is you want to do…that is if it’s done correctly. If your goal is achieve that then you need to become a student of what it takes to succeed and what works. Become a leader and make it happen.


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